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About Apex Denture Centre

Apex provides systems and methods that are at the top of the industry, including Valplast flexible partial dentures, Ivocalr Vivadent systems and tools, and BPS premium denture systems. You can be assured that you have access to the best at Apex Denture Centre, including affordable options. Schedule an Appointment Today!

New patients are always welcome at Apex Denture Centre! Please give me a call today to arrange an appointment with Margaret Walker.

Registered Denturists – Specialty

Complete Denture Care

I, Margaret E. Walker, have been serving the South Okanagan for more than 30 years, bringing dedication and experience to every denture service I provide. I will not be satisfied with your dentures until you are! 
My credentials include membership in the Denturist Association of British Columbia and certification in Precision BPS Bi-Functional Prosthetic System Services and flexible partials.

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